It's a beautiful day...and the world is falling apart.

It's a beautiful day outside...and the world is falling apart.

My dogs and I had a wonderful, peaceful walk in our neighborhood park...and our current administration is attempting to oppress its people.

There is a still and sweet silence in the air...and anxiety is epidemic all around us. 

There is newness in every moment...and history is repeating itself once again.

How is it that two opposing forces can exist so simultaneously? How is it that life is so messy, and so perfect at the same time? 

I think I'm learning that this paradox is just how it is

A new life is born...and its mother went through severe pain. A warm fire is burning...and the remains of a tree are destroyed. This contradictory state is the way of the world.

If that's the will we be in the world? Who will we be? How will we act?

We lean in. We see both. We honor both.

May we laugh until our hearts explode...and weep for the injustices in our society.

May we give sincere thanks...and criticize the motives of our institutions.

May we enjoy everything we do...and feel the pain of those suffering.

May we sit, be still, and know the Truth...and stand up, get loud, and fight.